1. What is Barley Balance®?
    Beta-glucan dry enriched all natural concentrate.
  2. What is Glucagel™?
    High purity beta-glucan extracted using water only.
  3. Are these ingredients genetically modified?
    No, they are from natural varieties.
  4. How do these ingredients compare to oats?
    In extensive clinical trials with both oat and barley beta-glucans, barley performs typically better than oats on cardiovascular measures, and much better on glycemic and satiety.
  5. How much do I need to use to gain health benefits?
    The commonly recommended per serving amount is 0.75 grams of beta-glucan (2.75 grams of Barley Balance® or 1 gram of Glucagel™). For individuals you should consume at least 4 servings or 3 grams of beta-glucan daily.
  6. Is there fiber in these ingredients?
    Yes, Barley Balance® is over 40% fiber and Glucagel™ is 75% fiber, and both are mainly desirable soluble fiber.
  7. Are these ingredients soluble in water?
    Yes, they are very soluble especially when mixed or stirred into warm to hot water.
  8. Do I have to reformulate recipes when I use these materials?
    Typically, adding beta-glucan will increase water binding so adjusting water upward is the most common change.
  9. Are there flavors or tastes to these ingredients?
    Barley Balance® and Glucagel™ are very bland in taste and do not carry strong flavors often characteristic of oat beta-glucans. Bran Balance™ has a nutty, bran flavor and can enhance flavor in products.

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