Healthy Natural Ingredients – Traditional Grain – Advanced Science

From a Rich Healthy Tradition

People have been thriving on healthy barley in foods and beverages for over 10,000 years, in all parts of the world. Often thought to be the most ancient food grain, based on evidence from archeology, barley has been a central food staple throughout human development.

With Advanced Science Added

Modern science has added both an enhanced understanding of what makes barley so very healthy and new technology to make the best features of the grain more abundant and available. Advances in plant genetics and concentration technology have made more functional products possible. And extensive study of components have shown that they are effective in supporting better health.

Something Truly Remarkable

The remarkable compounds we derive from the barley kernel have been proven to cut cholesterol levels and help keep blood sugar in the desired range. And new research shows that the beta-glucans in Barley BalanceĀ® can help to curb appetite and reduce calorie intake.

2011Winner for Ingredient Innovation

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