Barley Balance®,- Concentrated (1-3)(1-4) β-glucan

2011 WINNER Barley Balance Wins Food Challenge Award for Innovation

Barley Balance® comes from the highest quality waxy hulless food barley and a unique, proprietary process. These non-GMO varieties have been specially bred to produce high levels of beta-glucan. That makes Barley Balance® the richest source of naturally dry concentrated cereal beta-glucans available on the market. This bland off-white powder contains up to 30% beta-glucan for a wide array of uses in functional foods and beverages.

Glucagel™ – High Purity (1-3)(1-4) β-glucan

Glucagel™ is the highest purity barley beta-glucan (70%+) produced by a patented water based process with no solvents or added chemicals. As a high purity beta-glucan, Glucagel™ can be easily formulated into a wide range of functional foods, beverage and nutraceutical applications providing a range of functional and health benefits without affecting the properties of the end product or modifying the production process.

Bran Balance™ – Anti-oxidant Rich Barley Bran

Bran Balance™ is a very rich source of the healthy natural bioactives, fibers and other bran fractions that add a new dimension to food formulations. It is especially known for a rich blend of cereal anti-oxidants and phytochemicals with proven health benefits

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